on the happy list.

I don't usually participate in chain letter-ish things, but when Kim suckered me into an Art Swap, I had no idea how much goodness would really come my way. I sent just one item out, an I Love My Dog shirt to Holly, and then I sent the email out to 6 people. They will then each send Kim a crafty item, and then my name gets bumped up the list. In total, I am to receive 36 things! How fun is that? Well, not sure if it will actually pan out or not, but I was delighted to have gotten this as my first goodie. Thanks Jamaica!! (and Jen!)
It's so fun to flip through (even though it's just blank at the moment), however, I am a bit intimidated to start adding my real lists to it. Just in case any of you want to play along though, here's the list blog.

The Creative Type
has a challenge going on using negative space. I tend to like to cluster my items anyway, so this is how mine turned out:
I used a bunch of my favorite supplies and also a felt flower from the fun bunch my mom's been making.