your ticket please.

When I went back to Atlanta a couple months ago, I was forced to finally clean out my room from my teenage years. I lived in a cluttered room, wallpapered with posters and hub cabs, dried out roses, and photos. Apparently I even used to scrapbook (if you count sticking ticket stubs/photos/random objects- like a piece of gum? in a book and writing captions with a marker)...
Even though random and sort of jumbled, I'm happy to have these memories documented. Though the ticket stubs are taped down, I think however you record a memory is just fine. I'm grateful that now I have other ways of putting memories down on paper and have decided that it is unimportant to organize my scrapbook pages in chronological order, as it is too much pressure.

I usually prefer to hand make gifts, but sometimes it's just tough and far too time consuming. JC wanted a way to organize all his concert tickets, and I stumbled upon this perfect/already made thing at Urbanic (but purchased the last one), so here is where you can find another if you have a boyfriend/manfriend who could use one of these. It's perfect!