this one's for the girls.

Kristin was on Fox5 talking about her new book and being single and fabulous. Here's the link to her little video.

I voted for Tara Whitney because even her snapshots make you swoon. And seriously, she captures the beauty in everything in an amazingly easy way. The photo below in the "in a nutshell" layout was taken by her while we were in thailand. She just said, "hey amy" and clicked. Maybe it was the boat, the wind, or just her amazing eye, but she catches things in one shot so often, you want to just squeeze her for taking the best photos. If you want to vote for her too, click here!

We often team up with amykathryn for sample sales and events around Los Angeles. Here's a great little video of her fall collection.

I love seeing sewing on paper. If you have any projects that you've hand sewn, link them up in the comments. Heather's handwriting/hand sewing just rocked her mini.

And we're not related, but I would definitely like to have her handwriting... this layout's by Michelle Tan. I love your handwriting too!