away we went...

I have always loved keeping souvenirs from trips, anything from tickets, to receipts, to random little things that can be glued into a book later. After having piles and piles accumulate over the years, I made the decision to
1. make a little book before the trip
2. take along some supplies
3. glue stuff in as I go.
This is how this trip went, and this turned out to be one of my favorite little books ever.
(Getting crafty outside is fun, especially when there's little wind, and you have a friend who likes getting creative too. This is Joanna and me outside in her backyard in Boston.)

(that's Kristin Harmel, Chubby Checker & me in the photo above)
(The oh so delicious is referring to our amazing dinner at lucien)
(with Kelly Purkey in the photo booth)

And if you have a chance, take a look at this fun video. Will share more pages next week.