away we go

Started this mini album before leaving LA. The base of the cover can be seen here, made by American Crafts supplies. (I went a little overboard on the sewing/stitching assignment for August for their blog, but had so much fun doing it). The cross-stitching was my mom's idea, as she's been inspired by a lot of vintage clothing lately. Must bring back memories from when she was a hippie.

I added a couple of October Afteroon rub-ons, along with some machine stitching to keep the cover together. As much as I love this cover, it's whiteness is not conducive to staying clean and already I have a few little marks on it. The unexpected souvenirs have found their way onto the book and it looks like they'll be there for a while. I guess it's all a part of the journey. Hope to take lots of photos while in Rio De Janeiro and share them with you all here. Wish I could do the same of the food!