the joy of less

As I make a move into a 500 square foot place 5 blocks from the ocean in Venice Beach, I realize just how little I really need (and want). I have always been sort of a pack rat. I've saved everything from ticket stubs, brochures, magazines and other paper delights to a radio that no longer works, beanie babies, old computers and all kinds of junk.

Enjoying life is something I put as one of my top priorities. Living simply will help me a lot... I've learned to travel light (one suitcase to Italy for 7 days was more than enough) and I try and soak in as much delight as possible. So now my lesson is to live on less. Less of the stuff I don't need. More of the goodness I seek- the experiences and love and hopes and dreams that can be shared with others. Sounds like a joy...

Someone special sent me this article and I wanted to share it with you all.
Here's a photo from the Villa D'Este wearing a dress that was given to me by my BFF, Courtney, who picked it up while exploring Australia.