I have been a bad blogger because I've been laid up in bed since Tuesday morning with a fever, chills, head and body aches. Fever & chills? How is that even possible? Fortunately, I have been getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water and taking Advil. That's about all I've done. I have my up and down moments but am just really over feeling like this... thanks for all the well wishes from the few people I've had contact with. And yes, the spring flu does suck.

On some good notes, here's what I missed blogging about this past week:

maythird did a lovely little profile piece on me for Scrapbooker of the Week.

Check out the American Crafts 4 product challenge. It is rather amazing how different layouts turn out when created with the same 4 products.

My class for SISLive is on sale- I am teaching 2 sessions in Franklin, TN using these goodies and more. Click here for the details.I hope to be back with other good stuff soon. My head is pounding and I am not used to not having an appetite. But I can still smile because this was my little helper on monday for a mirror project... Enjoy your weekend!