My doggies seem to be grateful that I work from home, and I am glad they don't always try and distract me like this while I am working. One of their toys ended up under my desk, so I scooted my chair out to retrieve it for them, and ended up just checking the computer out for just a second... when Bamboo decided she was tired and wanted to simply curl up here. Buster had to be in the photo too. He sat like a good boy wondering why I didn't have 4 legs so he could have a spot too.
Often I think about the little things that people do that I am so grateful for. Examples include little surprise messages and favors when you need them but can't ask for them. It's always great when you give someone a compliment or a gift and receive a simple, sincere "thank you". Recently, my mom got this card in the mail along with the cute photo thanking us for the gift of shirts. Well, it turns out, our gesture was small in comparison, as the card was from my grandma's doctor. He's the one who saved her life last year. We are grateful beyond words for him. (My mom's name is Chiao and I call my grandma, Ah Po).
I noticed there were some questions about sources for my layouts, so from now on I will do a little product list: Martha Stewart Crafts, Hambly, American Crafts, Hey Jen Renee tag.