a motivational quote...

"Being a passionate entrepreneur translates to a certain intensity about our work, our mission, our goals and our successes. I’ve found that the more passionate we are about our businesses and projects, the more intensely we focus on them and feel driven to succeed. While intensity is a positive tool for facilitating ambition and sustaining momentum, at the end of the day, it is CONSISTENCY with intention not intensity that leads to success. I’ve seen many a business fail to scale and break through to the next level as a result of too much intensity without consistency. What I mean by consistency is “doing the work” every day in a structured and routine manner without fail or hesitation, whether you are ironing out the details or catapulting a big vision. Some days will feel boring or even static, others will feel like giant leaps, but the key is to be consistent, to keep putting in the work, to not get distracted, discouraged or even too excited. Level out your feelings and your playing field. Analyze results from a big picture point of view between 90 day increments to sustain your motivation and determine what’s possible."

~Victoria Colligan, Founder, Ladies Who Launch

Got this piece of loveliness in the mail and it is now hanging on the wall in my office.

Thanks for brightening my room, Michelle!