Talented bunch of family and friends...

Being around family you hardly ever get to see is great. My aunt, who is a talented artist, lives in India. Getting to know my family history more and more through stories and interesting anecdotes in China delighted me.
Here's a music video from my friend, Roni, made out of footage from 41 commercials:
- drumming gorilla (Cadbury)
- Sony Bravia spots (balls, rabbits, dominos)
- slow mo explosions
- lots of dancing
- oh, like Gap's Khaki Swing
- James Brown (BMW)
All the absurd fun goes by very fast -- 2 min 37 sec.
It was fun watching the last episode of Entourage, but I am sad about waiting until next summer for the next season! Here he is wearing a Johnnie-O hat from a great line that a friend of mine is doing. You can also see the Johnnie-O polo in InStyle and get 20% off with the coupon code at check out.