happy Wednesday...

I am super grateful for life.

Life in general and life on the island of Oahu.

Life on the island is not bad at all. 

This is the view out of our "office".
If you look closely, you may see something spectacular.
Sunsets aren't so bad around here either.
And if you have Ziggy at your side, you feel like you can conquer the world.
Going surfing tomorrow with Ty, who you may know because the character, Kyle from Flirting With Forty. Kyle is loosely based on Ty. Jane Porter's novel turned Lifetime movie is a fun feel-good flick.  The girls who I have spoken to about it have enjoyed it- the guys just don't want to admit they like it. wink wink
Been having fun, but I am looking forward to staying home for the rest of the year.
For now though- ALOHA!
Photos courtesy of Greg from Waterlogged