happy happy joy joy

I made these 2 cards ^^ for the gallery at American Crafts. If you're looking for some ideas, check them out here.

Been feeling behind on certain things, but very much in the present moment on other important things. I have learned so much this year and have been checking things off my list and taking lots of photos, but there are often times where the moment is just not right for a picture to be taken. These are moments I can cherish in a different way. A way that lingers within my heart and soul and will be remembered for a long time. When these memories are recalled, the smile on my face cannot be wiped off.

So for December, my goal is to post everyday, and though it may be short and sweet and completely random, this is how I want to remember all the things I am grateful for... and may I suggest you all do the same if you'd like. Just a quick little post maybe even with some photos and other tidbits, but just 5 happy things each day. For the month of December, that can add up to 155 different blissful bits!

1. "Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out
they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed
at the energy that comes out of you." - William James
2. Looking forward to when it's cold enough to wear my new Beth Bowley coat

3. Already received my first Christmas card in the mail today.
4. I want to fly, just not on an airplane for a while. Just one more trip to wrap up 2008.
5. I counted 60 flights in 2008. That's a lot.