double duty

No chance to post yesterday because I my friend Stacey came into town from Atlanta and we spent the afternoon shopping and enjoying the beautiful California day.

11. I feel like on a double duty shift with my life right now, which is I guess better than being bored.
12. "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham Lincoln
13. Oprah's gift guide was announced and it turns out we have similar tastes when it comes to candles. Mine Design makes my favorite soy candles and now they have a super fun twist. Get yours now.
14. Got a chance to scrapbook a bit and made this:
15. Have I already mentioned that my 30's have been amazing so far?
16. I am reading The Tenth Circle right now and it is way intense.
17. Grateful for my pups, who will be delighted to know that they are taking a little trip to the beach in Malibu.
18. LA Photo Party is offering $250 off if you book them for a party this month! And 10% off for booking an event in February.
19. Everyone loves LA Photo Party and here's a layout with them at my birthday. (I finally used the American Crafts camera sticker I have been saving)
20. 20 more days until Christmas~how crazy!