I just look like I belong here...

but I don't. Well, not really.
I understand the language, but can't speak it.
I'm in China at the moment. It is my first time here and it's rather overwhelming, so I will just do a list of firsts.

First time in China. (Delta direct to Shanghai from Atlanta, 1 night in Shanghai and then China Eastern to Shenzhen, where I am now)
First time on the Maglev in Shanghai.
First time having ox tail soup. Yum!
First time standing in line in the women's restroom and having 3 people go ahead of me to stand in front of the stalls they were betting on. It makes no sense to me... since I entered the restroom first, shouldn't I just get to go into the one that is first available? Guess not here.
First time I really wished my parents made me stick with Chinese when I was younger.

Miss you!