the heart of life is good.

"Bad news never had good timing." John Mayer's song, The Heart of Life, has been playing in my car a lot recently. I feel truly blessed for so many reasons and feel a strong connection to this song. Though I try to keep my posts on this blog short and sweet, I would like to think that my life will be long and filled with plenty of sweet memories. This blog, for me, is a place of remembering and cherishing, of sharing and giving, and learning and loving. Maybe a sliver and glimpse as to how I live my life. A place where a piece of my world can be shared with the world.

Two friends worlds have been rocked in the past 2 weeks. The same dear friend who lost her mother in February, lost her brother last week.

A friend who was to go on the Thailand trip lost her husband. For info on how you can possibly help, click here.

It's hard for me to imagine what they are going through right now. Or how they will cope and heal. The only thing I know is that they will. They will heal and be strong and pass along the message that life is short, and should be lived to the fullest.

As a Libra, I always try and achieve balance. I take nothing for granted and put a smile on my face any chance I get. Of course I get frustrated and life doesn't always hand me lemonade. But when it does, I drink it. I hope to take time every chance I get to remember the things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my friends, my super talented friends who make things happen. Becky Novacek came to LA from Omaha and we just had the best time. Her words put tears in my eyes and at the same time made me laugh out loud. Here is her post.

And the amazing photos she's taken of a couple of my favorite things- my puppies, my new craft tote, beautiful flowers, and my favorite place for sushi. Cherish your family, friends and your favorite things always.