30 days from now i will be 30...

And yes, I feel like I am going through sort of a third-life crisis. But I have finally, absolutely positively accepted the fact that I need to embrace turning 30. It will hopefully happen regardless, so I may as well make the best of it. The lessons I've learned in my 20's will forever be with me and if what everyone says is true, then I am excited for my 30's to be even better.

Truly enjoyed my Labor Day weekend spent with a bunch of college friends at Little Gasparilla Island. This was my second time attending (but it was the 8th annual trip) and I had a total blast. The days spent there are some of the best ever.

On our drive down from Tampa, the clouds looked fake to me.

This was home for 4 days:

These are most of the girls that were on the trip. This was probably the most poised and proper photo taken all weekend.
A number of facts: 49 people were in our group. 2 houses. 5 condos. Just guessing but probably over 1000 beers consumed. I got over 50 mosquito bites. A few dance parties. 1 Naked Cowboy. More moustaches than anyone should care to count.
And a hysterically funny costume contest with 2 Olympians present.
And too many photos that are not suitable for posting here.
The days are passing by so quickly and living in the moment has never been more fun.

Loving Keith Urban's song Days Go By
And days go by...
I can feel 'em flyin'
Like a hand out the window in the wind.
The cars go by...
Yeah it's all we've been given,
So you better start livin' right now
'Cause days go by...