"darlin' do not fear..."

what you don't really know. An amazing song by Brett Dennen that has been playing on and on repeatedly all morning. There is uncertainty in the air but as he says best,
"Darlin' do not fear what you don't really know 'cause it won't last - your worries will pass
All your troubles they don't stand a chance "

I am off to set up the d&a LA show today, something I have done for the past 4 and half years, but this time it's different and I am dreading it just a teeny tiny bit. Thankfully my cousin CIndy is here and we have some delightful helping hands at the show, so perhaps it will be all good. So this is where I will be through Sunday. Come and see me and the new Winter/Holiday collection...

I read a great profile piece on a woman who is quite the inspiration and shows that you don't have to just do one thing to feel whole. I like the idea of experiencing different bits of life and love and building up little endeavors of varying creative interests.

ArtHouse has received my sketchbook for "How to Save the World". Just thought I would share with you all the cover... can't wait for this amazing event.