trip bits...

Jane Porter's giving away a lovely little pink tote and her book on her blog today...

Scrapbooking on the road can be quite delightful. I always pack a little too many scrapbooking supplies and perhaps not enough clothes. My big suitcase is full of crafty goodies and shoes making it weigh 54 pounds, while the little suitcase has clothing and toiletries and weighs about 34 pounds. I would be traveling super light if it weren't for my silly little hobbies.
This was my playlist on the plane after watching Smart People and Vantage Point. Two Dennis Quaid movies on one plane ride. Although I adore Ellen Page and Sarah Jessica Parker, Vantage Point really blew me away. Such a fantastic flick with plenty of twists and turns.
This is what happens after Dollar Ketels (yes, $1 Ketel One drinks) at Zaya in Inman Park.

Fortunately their food is absolutely delicious, and we remained sober enough to hit 3 more places afterwards, one of them being the BEST place for Lobster Bisque in Atlanta, Steamhouse Lounge. It's now located in midtown in the building that Cherry used to occupy many many years ago.

Loving this Jason Mraz song

and absolutely digging these words:

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find the sky is yours
Listen to the music of the moment come and dance with me...