wii love...

This is how we have to travel for 2 people and 2 jack russell terriers for a tradeshow.
Right now I'm in Denver at the super dog-friendly Hotel Monaco. We're here for the LACA tradeshow. I love laid-back tradeshows like this, where the buyers are not pressed for time and we can hang out and show the line in the comfort of our hotel room. It's such a refreshing departure from the typical tradeshow.

I love this star chair.

And when we got in on Sunday, we roamed around and walked down the 16th Street Mall downtown and stumbled upon a big Nintendo Wii thing going on with Mario Kart! Of course I am obsessed with the wii and we had to stop and get licenses and take a test drive. This game is way too much fun. I highly recommend to all of you lucky duckies with wii's.
In honor of Earth Day, I wore our Love Your Mother tee. This is a mirror image of my mirror image. I had to cut off my head because right now I would like to cut my head off since my nose has been stuffed up and I have been feeling pretty yucky for the past couple days.

Absolutely and totally in LOVE with Kerry Lynn's collection for SIStv, called The Romantic. I am in my hotel room with a limited amount of supplies and the fact that I had everything I wanted to do these two pages makes me very happy. I advise all the scrappers to check it out as quantities are limited. Love the Hambly rub-ons and the fact that there are 2 pages of each design.