here i go again on my own...

to Atlanta for about 16 hours, then head to Nashville, TN where I'll be for about 26 hours, then I will be back in LA for less than 40 hours before heading to Denver.

I am looking forward to seeing my old friend who I miss so dearly. Her song, Sweet Ride, is constantly in my head these days. Constantly being in airports and on airplanes and not spending but a couple nights in the same place is fun, but I have to keep thinking of ways to enjoy the time. Her music totally helps.

And of course I am looking forward to meeting new friends at the amazing city-under-a-roof, the Opryland Hotel- I think it's a fascinating place and delight in the fact that I will be there for the second time ever. The first time was years ago when I was working as a fashion stylist, and we did a photo shoot for I Do for Brides magazine. The shoot was amazing and fun, and it taught me to be super organized because going from location to location within the hotel was a hike! If I left the steamer somewhere, it would take forever to get back to it. I made sure everything was steamed before hand and that all the sitting shots were done last.

I am packing just one bag filled with assorted amy tangerine tees for this lovely event. We were asked to make some super special shirts for a few folks- and here's how they turned out.