it's been 7 days

It's been a crazy, hectic 7 days.

Drove to Vegas last Sunday.

Tradeshow Monday all day. Staying up way too late playing BlackJack Monday night.

Missing my 7:30am flight Tuesday, but catching the 10:00am flight to Atlanta, which rocked because I watched Juno and had yummy short ribs on the plane!

Tuesday night: The Art of French Kissing party at Bill Hallman.

Wednesday appointments galore... went to a mommy & me music class with Lauren & Lola, then lunch, then a facial, then my hair appointment. It went from long to short and now I have bangs (even though it's hard to tell in the picture below).

Thursday: fly from Atlanta to Orlando. Party at Shouture and then the after party at Luma on Park. 1 too many blackberry mojitos.

Friday: fly from Orlando back to LA. Had friends from out of town for a sleepover- 7 people and 2 dogs in 1 house!

I'll recap later about the amazing weekend spent at Carol Parks place with the amazing Sabrina Ward Harrison.

Happy Spring forward! I am excited about the sunshine!