Happy to bee


I think it's important to scrapbook about what you do for work. Considering the amount of time I spend on work related things, it only makes sense that it should have a presence in my albums- because it's such a big part of my life. When I lived in Atlanta, I got a fun amount of local press, and here is one of my favorite clips from the weekly rag, Creative Loafing. I found the link here so you can read the "pop up video-esque" bubbles.


Pink Olive opened up a second location in Park Slope and we did these shirts just for them.

Krimson & Klover requested our busy bee design on kelly green. We've done this on heather grey in the past with yellow long sleeves and it has remained a favorite. I recently saw Bee Movie on a Delta flight and laughed out loud many times. The guy in front of me thought I was nuts because this was also right after I watched Dan in Real Life and alternated between cracking up and laughing really loud to completely sobbing. I would laugh, and then I would cry. And then do it all over again.