things i like 12.28

things i like 12.28
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I love doing lists of things I like. It makes me so happy.

Positive energy is such an amazing thing. The whole idea of mass conciousness is appealing to me right now. I don't know much about it but I heard that it only takes 7000 people to be thinking the same thought at the exact same time to make it happen. Can this be true? I heard it last night on Coast to Coast. They talk about scary subjects on the show (well scary to me)- like aliens, UFO's, conspiracies, the bird flu, etc etc. It's all sort of interesting though.

My dad is in Turkey right now and he wrote me this email which I thought was cute and delightful:

Dearest Amy,
I made it here safe and sound. We are having a good time but transportation is limited and it has been snowing for two days. We were able to go to the University yesterday in their small but very nice shuttle buses for a tour and lunch plus some grocery shopping.
This place is much hillier than I expected and the roads are narrow with some steep stretches.
My initial impression is that the Turkish people seem to be very nice. I was surprised at how very few speak English.
Thats all for now.