one two oh eight

happy new year! I look forward to many many things this year. Also going to be a guest teacher on this super cool new blog from Courtney DeLaura: Project 52. It will be in the next few months sometime. Should be fun!

Also, taking a Paper Adventure with super inspiring Elise leading the way.

Here's my cover for the journey of the year, haven't quite decided whether I will be binding it with 3 big rings or with my Bind-It-All. The cover was made from the cool postcard the Hotel QT sent me.

Mental note- do not go grocery shopping at 6:30pm right after a huge holiday. Trader Joe's was packed and we stood in line for 15 minutes, no exaggeration. Plus they were out of a bunch of stuff. No tortillas or red peppers. Even my favorite macaroni and cheese from the box was out. Oh well, live and learn. Oh and here's a little book that I am keeping to record the little things I learn each day. So far so good, but it's only been 2 days. These daily projects sure are fun- especially since this one is so simple.

Also, how cute is Stephanie in her Let Love Grow thermal? Our thermals are great and super long so all those adorable pregnant ladies out there can still sport their fresh & juicy pieces! And I was digging up old photos and found these funny ones of celebs I hadn't heard of and now they have their own shows coming out! I wasn't a huge Dancing with the Stars fan until I watched a couple episodes and think that inspiration can come in all kinds of forms. Totally inspired this new year and I love it.