making a move.

Not a Favorite: MOVING. I've just come to the realization that I don't mind the moving process so much (I used to say- "I hate moving"). The moving isn't bad at all. It's really the packing and unpacking that I despise. The actual moving process is rewarding especially since the new place is a HOUSE! wahooo!! It's only 6 miles away from where I live now in Santa Monica, and it is farther from the water *sniff sniff* but it will be a great, great place to call home. The new digs are in Culver City and when I find out more about my new neighborhood, I will gladly share. So today is the day I pack up crafty stuff, tomorrow the clothes, the 12 foot closet thing from Ikea and other stuff, and Friday will be all the work stuff. I have allowed a whole week for this moving process and so far it has gone super smoothly. So moving isn't really all that bad.

A Favorite: Setting a goal to do a favorites page every month if possible- kind of a fun way to track all the random things I like at the moment. What are some of your least favorite and favorite things?