gotta love...

...when you're mentioned on someone else's blog! Check Emily's here and Funky Finds here. Yeah, I know they are both sort of the same thing, but I think it's exciting too that Emily has our be free shirts on Etsy! Oh and Funky Finds is doing a giveaway, so leave a comment under her Dec 3rd entry and you could be a winner!

...when your friend Kim finally starts her own blog. Check out Artistic Bliss here.

...when you can get a matching tee and tote so that you can keep one and give one away! Drishti in Santa Barbara sent out an e-mail blast mentioning our Let Love Grow thermal (which happens to be a personal favorite).

...when someone brightens your day randomly. I am not sure if there's some kind of crazy energy going on in the universe but today was very draining and strange and the only time I really took a break to laugh was when I stumbled upon this sweet little elf thing Kelly Michaels made for me. Check it out here, I think it is the cutest thing.

...when you are about to crawl into bed with your jammies on and you are soo excited to be done with such an exhausting work day. Good night!!