Continue dancing with a smile on your face.

Continue dancing with a smile on your face.

I heard that quote last month somewhere and I just LOVE it. I think it sums up how I am feeling right now.

Bad news: back to work after being in Hawaii for a few days.

Good news: Hawaii was amazing. Cottage by the Sea rocks and the people of Hawaii have the aloha spirit big time. It rubs off on you so much that you feel a bit weird when everyone is so nice to you! I will finish up my mini book and post photos soon, hopefully.

Gotta love the free upgrade to a Jeep Wrangler (thanks Dollar rental car!)

I swear we saw a rainbow everyday. Here's one from outside the hotel balcony.
The girls at Cottage by the Sea were so fun to be around!

Oh and it's funny how the Random Number Generator picks in descending order. Random!
I decided 1 winner wasn't enough, so I picked 2 :) and the winners are #3 and #9

Jill S. and Natalie! Please email me ([email protected]) your addresses and I will try and get your goodies together next week. Also let me know what your favorite colors are.

Thanks for all of your lovely comments, I haven't been online much at all lately... need to get my groove back.