Lots of developing stories about the fires, and I know we are all hoping and praying that they end soon. I was listening to the radio last night and heard some criticism about the way different political figures/groups are handling this awful situation and I just think that there's no time for that negative energy right now. San Diego is burning and it's important to be optimistic and realize that people are trying to do everything in their power right now to make it stop. I like this touching part of cnn.com where they are showcasing stories of heroism. Click here

I am getting super excited about the upcoming trip to Hawaii! Cottage by the Sea has been gearing up for my visit and has loaded their website with lots of amy tangerine goodness. Here is the sample of the "smile" tote I will be teaching folks how to make on Sunday, Nov 4 at 8:30am. Good thing it's Daylight Saving so I will get an extra hour of sleep! The tote is a cinch/backpack with lace and fabric applique.

Here is a clip of the adorable invite flyer they sent out to their customers.

The baby selection they have right now is awesome. Check it out, yo.