thanks... all of you who watched the little video on Dog and Pony TV. I definitely feel like I have some pretty bad camera angles going on, but I appreciate all the kind words. Here are the photos they used- one of LC and Heidi when they were still friends and one that the lovely, talented and wonderful Tara Whitney did of Anna and Ivy in our Heart People thermals which are available now in kids sizes 2, 4, 6. all of you who thought I might have been the celebrity I was talking about in my last post. you guys are silly! :) Lauren Moshi for making amazing pieces that give me tons of compliments every time I wear your pieces! I haven't worn the latest dandelion delight yet but when I do, I will snap some photos and enjoy the words of praise from onlookers. for shipping my eat pray love
and Journal Revolution ever so quickly. I intended on buying Linda Woods' new book when I went to see her at the Borders book signing next Tuesday, Oct 23rd, but decided I couldn't wait. The quick shipping was as close to instant gratification as it can get, seeing that I am still reading The Myth of You & Me and right now don't have much time to soak in the inspiration that both books will likely give me. my wonderful friend Kim, who hosted me at her gorgeous house (she rented tables and chairs and rearranged furniture) for a pillow class. This girl knows how to put on an event-she's quite the hostess with the mostest. The details in her house alone are incredible, but when she has people over, she does it right! These lovely ladies made some amazing creations and they each took home a tee-shirt pillow they should be proud of! Thanks to Cheryl for taking so many lovely pics! THANKS to all the ladies for joining and getting your craft on.