oh joy!

Soon I will be on a plane to Hawaii. aaaahhh.

But for now there is much work to be done and the list is getting longer and longer while the days are getting shorter.

I just got exciting news that the tote class in Honolulu at Cottage by the Sea is sold out! However, due to the popularity of the class, we're opening up another class right afterward, but this time we can only take 20 people instead of 30. They'll both be fun, I promise, and there's even a few fun surprises in store.

Oh for all you folks who won't be flying into Hawaii to see me this weekend (sniff, sniff), the good news is that the store is extending the 10% discount on all amy tangerine items on the website for the whole weekend- Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cottage by the Sea offers free shipping for all orders over $100 as well!

Oh and I am pondering actually taking a surf lesson while in Oahu. I am not the greatest swimmer or in the best shape but I have heard from numerous people that it's really the best place to learn. If anyone has any surfing words of wisdom, please share :)

Working through Halloween, not dressing up or anything. I probably won't even really eat any candy. So here's photo of me last year with my friend Kelly. I was a picnic table. Yes that is a cockroach on my left arm. Fake of course because I cannot stand bugs.

Hope you all are having fun!