cuz when you're a celebrity...

On Friday, I decided to go up to Malibu (27 miles of scenic beauty) for some lovely fresh air and a visit to a store that carries amy tangerine baby and ladies, Malibu Beach Club. I just love driving up Pacific Coast Highway and it reminds me of one of the many reasons why I love living in California.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot by the Shell station, we realized that there were a lot of paparazzi chasing a white Mercedes convertible as it pulled into the gas station. Of course I had to ask one of the cars waiting to pump gas who it was and he replied, "It's Britney." To which I said, "I thought she had a black Mercedes convertible." (she drove up in a black one when I saw her at Sweetpeas and Snapshots back in April) and he said, "Yeah, she has both." He seemed calm, cool and collected, even like he might be a friend of hers, but I think that's just what he deals with living in Malibu, so he was totally non chalant.

This was the scene in front of her car, I had to snap a photo because to me, this scene is ridiculous. It is also ridiculous to me that she would even have to pump her own gas. If I were as rich as these young actresses, I would hire a driver to take me places (especially when I wanted a few cocktails) and they would just pump the gas for me. I don't even think she got out the entire time to get gas. Maybe her bodyguard was with her? If you want to watch the excitement of her getting her coffee before heading to the gas station, check out this Video here

I feel sorry for her. I really do.

Hope you all had a great weekend!