wedding bells

My best friend from Junior High, KC, (yes, that means KC and I have been friends for 17 years) got married to Jen in Rochester, NY last weekend and it was sooo wonderful. I had the pleasure of making them a scrapbook of random highlights of their 10 years together. It was their wedding present that I presented to them during their "" rehearsal dinner. Because I was the only one from WJHS (Wilmette Junior High School) I gave my first toast/speech ever at a wedding. It was after a few glasses of wine and short and sweet with a story involving boxer shorts. When I first started sewing my senior year in high school, I made boxer shorts for several of my guy friends. The pair I made KC had printed dollar bills on the fabric. Oh yes it did. Not only that, but the next day KC thanked me again by saying something like- Thanks, they're really great Amy, and they GLOW IN THE DARK!

I honestly had no idea. So it was good for a laugh and then of course I got teary eyed and then handed them their book.

Jen was so sweet to send me a bunch of photos and memorabilia this summer and she even labelled the backs of them, which really helped me. She also sent me a CD of photos complete with a print out documenting each photos with corresponding numbers/events. I used an Anthologie album (the brown leather one) and it couldn't have worked out better. Here are some of my favorite pages.

It was a delight to spend time in the little city where Jen, the beautiful bride, grew up.

We were in Pittsford, NY and stayed at the beautiful Renaissance Del Monte, which sits right by the Erie Canal. Love small, quaint towns like this where everyone says hi to you and the warmth and charm of the town makes me want to move out of the big city. But I am a wimp and cannot stand cold weather for extended periods of time, so I guess it's LA for a little while longer. This town sure is charming though...