Back from an amazingly fun long weekend on Gasparilla Island. I used the "ga" to represent going to Atlanta, GA for a couple days and then going to Gasparilla (which is in FL).

Words cannot describe the hilarious good time we had, and of course even though we took tons of pictures, I feel like there still aren't enough. I cannot wait to fill up this book with photos and stuff- in between the drinking I managed to write down some funny quotes. Truly memorable weekend and though I planned on working on the book while on the trip, I'm glad I can soon take the time to use all my new goodies from Scrapbook Oasis and Atlanta Scrapbook Connection :) I've known many of these guys for 10 years (and had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful new friends) and it's awesome that we can all hang out and have such an amazing time! Love y'all.