Signs Signs... Reminds me of the song originally done by Five Man Electrical Band, later re-done by Tesla in the 90's (which is when it was stuck in my head back in junior high).

Here's a fun sign Cap'n got off Craigslist for only $25! It's a little heavy and hanging up nicely in my randomly furnished loft. It measures about 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide and the lights actually work! One of these days we might get around to changing the message a bit- so far all I did to it was add "Hi friends" in the upper left corner. Otherwise it is exactly the same as it was when the previous owner parted with it. He was even so organized that I have a perfect box of white plastic letters too!

I feel like the universe sends a lot of signs- it is just up to us to interpret them correctly. Signing off for now...