Scrapbookers are amazing people.

Scrapbookers amaze me constantly. My dear friend Kim asked me to create some shirts for her group of Southern California ladies who are going to Creative Escape. She and I came up with a lovely little design and our team of hand sewers whipped up a batch of tees. It was a pleasure to be able to do it for them, and they were soooo SWEET to present me with an AMAZING and HUGE gift basket! Not only did they give me a bunch of goodies, they each made a little card and put it on a ring for me. Such a wonderful feeling! I am holding the basket and Kim is holding a layout she did of a class I taught at her beautiful home.

Speaking of layouts, Shelly did a layout on one of our favorite shirts and I was SOOO honored!

What I love about this hobby/craft/however you want to categorize it, is that it is so thoughtful and touching in so many different ways. The moments are captured and relived everytime someone looks at a page that is masterfully crafted by hand with some delicious product and touches of love.

I haven't been scrapbooking for very long (officially since March 07) but the moment that I walked into Sweetpeas and Snapshots June 06, I knew I had found something that I was passionate about. I saw the creativity oozing out of the store and after taking Emily's class, Deck of You, I was completely convinced that I needed to put my memories down in a way that was pleasing to me and others. I am so glad to say that I have developed a friendship with the amazing Emily Falconbridge and even got her to design some pieces for our Fall collection :)

She has even taken to the idea of selling the tees on her Etsy site. They will be available for pre-order, as they are not due to hit stores until early October. This was such a fun collaboration and I cannot wait to see what else she comes up with!

Thanks to scrapbookers everywhere for your inspiration! Seriously- it has opened my world up big time!