random goodies

I recently saw an awesome movie that I HIGHLY recommend. It's Akeelah and the Bee. Everyone I have talked to about it really liked it too! Such a great feel good family film. I thought it would be all light and easy to watch while I scrapbooked, but I ended up with my eyes glued to the movie the whole time :)

This is a fun site of commercial eye candy- Psyop.tv

So much talent on this site.

And for all you hot mamas out there, here's one of my favorite accounts because the owners are amazing women and always so fun to see at the tradeshow- especially since at the last show I had a little tummy ache and thought I would take a little break by laying down on the floor in the corner of my booth :) They walked in and said, "don't worry about getting up for us." They also like to look at my scrapbooks, which makes me happy. They sent out this lovely email blast and I think it's pretty.