looking back...

A few hours ago... I was hanging out with my friend Lauren and her baby LOLA. She is absolutely adorable and smiled at me a lot.

24 hours ago.... I had a great time with Stephanies (the 2 girls next to me) at a beautiful new place in the ATL called Luckie downtown near the Aquarium. It's funny because my friend Dan pointed out that we were at dinner with Stephanie & Mike and Stephanie & Mac (newly engaged couple, while Stephanie & Mike have been married for nearly 7 years!).

8 years ago... I made this for a class project in college. It's funny because I cut out all the letters by hand from construction paper (the leaves in the corners too) and wanted my line to be called Paradox. I thought a whole line of reversible clothing would be so cool. I guess it still would?

and about 16 years ago... I looked like this.

How scary!! I love the idea of having wavy hair, but this perm was out of control. Just looking at the picture brings back memories of the smell. I hope I am not the only one who went through an ugly-what-the-heck-am-I-doing phase.

I am going through old photos while at my dad's and I am finding a lot of cute little funny chubby cheek baby pictures but I am also finding ones that are just so embarassing. It's all good because it's just a part of what memories are made of. Learning, growing and appreciating all the little things. I love looking at all the backgrounds of the 70's furniture and all the cool outfits. My parents were hipsters! I love the fact that my dad took pictures of me yawning, making silly faces, holding up my fingers indicating my age, and lots of group family shots that aren't perfect or perfectly posed. Oh and all the old photos are matte finished with rounded corners! Lovely!