things i like...

I like when I feel 100%. To my dismay, I didn't feel 100% for a few days, I think because I indulged in some cocktailing (yes I consider that a word) on Thursday night with some friends from Atlanta. We went to JONES and Forty Deuce. We had a great time and managed to take zero pictures. I do not like when I forget to take pictures.

I like when people come up with clever products. I think this egg container is sooo clever. We purchased it from a Japanese store in West LA called Tokyo. You might ask why we need an egg container like this, so I will tell you that when you shop at Costco and get a lot of eggs, this is the perfect container to take some over to your mommy's place :)

I like meeting our customers! Since we don't have a store, it is not tooo often that I get to meet our actual die-hard customers. Locally we do some sample sales, and Fashion Co-0p is definitely one of our favorites.

I like going to Scrapbook Oasis for their crops. They are sooo much fun and you get to spend all day chatting and eating and scrapbooking to your hearts content. And they have the best giveaways and prizes. They brought some truly special things back from Chicago and held soo many raffles that everyone won at least 3 times (I think). I don't know how they do it, but they work some major magic with wonderful manufacturers- for example, they had the new Scenic Route even before they went to the tradeshow. It is out of this world cool! And I am so honored that they are going to hang this layout in the store :)

BIG THANKS to Shelly and Amber for sending me the Hobby Lobby Love, Elsie stuff, as I had such a wonderful time playing with it!!

I like feeling better and I LOVE getting yummyness in the mail!