record album covers ROCK

I was so inspired when I went to the Salvation Army thrift store the other day and I found these super cool records! They have great graphics and fonts and colors and I scooped up 5 of them for just $5! I am not sure if anyone else has posted anything like this before, but I thought I came up with a cool idea for album covers- and that is to cover your American Crafts 3 ring binder albums with a record cover! They are the PERFECT size. I also plan on sticking the record on the inside cover of the album, but haven't gotten the chance to do it yet. To adhere it, it only took 5 minutes and I used Super 77 to make sure it would stick for good. I added the "LATE" stickers because I want it to be an album of life in my late 20's. Also included for your perusing pleasure is another page.

For those of you going to Chicago this weekend, I highly recommend stopping by Armitage Ave for some super shopping- Art Effect is my favorite store in the entire US (and the website does it no justice, but I wanted you to be able to click to get address and hours etc. Then you must visit Paper Source down the street and then even further down the street is the BEST mini burger place called Minnies!