monkey business

We decided Buster should pick the winner of our giveaway, and he picked his little monkey friend, but since the monkey didn't leave a comment, he didn't qualify. So the actual winner of an amy tangerine tee is Marie! I tried to get a good photo of buster picking out the winner, but it really didn't turn out, so I gave up. Thanks to everyone for their awesome ideas- I cannot wait to work on the book and will definitely keep you all posted as there are so many great ideas to choose from, I will have to wait until after the LA tradeshow to actually get on it.

My friend Courtney Jaye and I had a little photo shoot for InStyle that will be coming out in September. We were lucky enough to get our hair done by celeb stylist Mark Townsend and had a blast. You can read about him here too. I LOVE MY CURLS! Wish my hair could be done everyday by a celeb stylist!!

After our little photo shoot, he was off to NY and we went to Barneys Greengrass in Beverly Hills for lunch. He jetted off to do Nicole Richie's hair for her interview with Diane Sawyer and we saw Brooke Shields at Barneys. :)