fun stuff

Had a great day today with the tv crew at my loft- I still have to keep it hush hush until next monday (!) but I am sure you will understand my thrill once you see it :)
We went to Catalina Island this past weekend and had such a wonderful, relaxing time. Our friend Ray (who we call Ray Ray) took us on his sailboat and we had the pleasure of seeing lots of seals, dolphins and we even saw 1 whale! It was quite a thrill. Catalina is just over 26 miles from Marina del Rey and it took us 5 and half hours to sail there. I spent half the time asleep in the cabin below because it was sooo cold. I am working on a mini book and will post photos when I am done with them. Here are couple of fun shots- Cindy and Brian are my cousins from Chicago and it was Brian's first time to an island! He's pictured here with one of the many crabs we saw on the Cat Harbor side of Two Harbors.

I also wanted to share another page from the amy tangerine scrapbook which is coming along nicely.