Two posts in one day- no way!

I just wanted to share some fun pics from the past couple weeks. I am also trying to procrastinate on designing tee shirts. heehee. We started off with a connecting flight in Atlanta and while we were out walking the dogs in the pinestraw, we also found this funny looking cool thing.

For Capn's mom (Linda's) birthday/mother's day present, we gifted her a class at Scrapbook Corner with Kristy Taylor and she ended up finishing TWO 2-page layouts for her trip to Italy while I only barely finished ONE 2-page layout. We had fun!

And here are some cute photos of the pups relaxing on the back porch. We thought the furniture looked very tropical and liked to pretend we were in Hawaii. Too bad with the quarantine, the pups will unlikely get to go to Hawaii, unless we maybe take them by boat!