Party like you're a 6 six year old!

I always knew Mary could throw a SWEET party, but I had no idea 6-year old girls were this lucky! Little Miss Birthday Girl Evin turned 6 and had the most amazing birthday party I have ever been to. I was asked to help the girls (at least 24 in attendance) decorate Havaiana flip flops with sequins, rhinestones, flowers and other lovely jewels. Not only did they get to have that much fun with me (heehee), but they also were visited by a Fairy who painted their faces (and later turned into a magician), a Jamaican woman who put braids and ribbons and fancy shiny stuff in their hair, and another lady who helped them decorate these clear acrylic boxes! I didn't take enough pictures- sorry, but here are the ones I took, which don't even show the extent of how amazing this party was!! And all the guests (and their mothers) and the hosts were soo sweet, which was refreshing. The store looked sooo fabulous. It was really like a dream birthday party and I hope all the girls there realize how lucky they are to have been there! There should have been a television crew, it was that cool.

I got a photo opp with the lucky little girl (who had her cute flip flops on!) and her father who was trying to make Evin smile.

After all that hoopla, Sweetpeas had to get ready for their 3rd Anniversary party. I taught my first make & take, which was a luggage tag which read on one side: "go where you go with all your heart", and on the other side: "sometimes the journey is the destination". We used Cavallini bird stamps and a fabric heart. We also used my "fancy" laminator (Mary called it fancy). Raquel wore our honey tank to the class, which made me oh-so-happy! Here's Mary in front of the Bazzill papers holding up a card that Lisa made for her! It is BEAUTIFUL!!