The Little Things

Cindy and I had the pleasure of driving down to Fingerprints Long Beach to check out an in-store performance by super cute Colbie Caillat. My favorite song right now is "The Little Things" and "Bubbly" is awesome too. She was amazing and we got the opportunity to pre-order her debut CD, Coco, which comes out July 17th. We met her and she is just a delight. The first thing she said to me and Cindy was that she really liked our shirts :) soooooo of course we pulled out a few and said that we came with presents! She chose a couple and was so excited about this one that says, Let the sun shine in. It's always wonderful meeting incredible young talent (I think she's 21) and so sweet and grounded.

We floated around 2nd St in Long Beach and stopped into Blue Windows where they had a few of our pink Oh Deer! shirts left. The store is absolutely adorable, and I quickly snatched up a set of MAP STICKERS by Cavallini & Co. When I got to the register, I simply had to take a picture of this, because I think it is so true! I love the random unexpected gift giving thing!