Friday Night Fun!

I taught my first class at Scrapbook Oasis to a delightful, patient, and totally talented group of ladies. Because it was the largest class I have ever taught, it was a bit overwhelming at first, but thanks to Mommy, Cindy, Kris and all the wonderful people at Scrapbook Oasis, it turned out to be a total success. Everyone got to choose the color of their tee, the design they wanted (LOVE, HUG, Love Bird, ALOHA, and tulips), the backing fabric and thread colors. There are so many great pictures from the evening, it was hard to choose favorites, so I decided to post a bunch. (if you were in the class and want to share your pictures with me- please email them over as I would love to see them!)

Huge thanks to Karen and Wendy for staying open even later than midnight (yikes!) to let the shoppers shop and also allow for a few people to finish up their tees. It was amazing to see all the glowing faces after their little fingers did so much hard work. No one stitched their fingers together (phew!) and everyone created what I would consider a total one-of-a-kind masterpiece that they should be proud to wear! The energy and enthusiasm of the crowd was contagious. Thanks to everyone who came- you truly made the teaching experience sooo rewarding and fun! Keep stitching!