A few of my favorite things...

Tradeshows are always fun because you get to see alll kinds of new things and you get to see old friends and hopefully meet some good new friends as well. The show was at the New Mart in the fashion district of Downtown LA, as usual. This totally creative girl who is always keeping her hands busy, cut this out of brochures and stuck it on the wall and I think it's amazing. Her name is Emily and I told her that she must have her own website because she is soooo creative.

Not only is their packaging adorable, but Commandos are soooo comfy! (the tagline is Commando "better than nothing") They come is a bunch of yummy colors and patterns and is a must have for any lady who loves comfort and hates panty lines.

Jewelry designer extraodinaire, Beth Orduna, looked tres chic in the plane tee she intended on giving her daughter, but couldn't resist giving up the softness and sheer comfort.

We love Rebe for her amazing hoodies and one of a kind purses and laptop cases. You have to check these lovelies out!