Windows to the world (or at least LA)

I taught my 4th class at Sweetpeas and Snapshots on Saturday and of course had a wonderful time, once again. It was a bit tricky teaching the apron, tee shirt and tote, but luckily I had some pros in my class, and it turned out perfectly. I even had a few ladies who flew in all the way from Phoenix to take my class (and do some LA shopping- of course!). I was so delighted. Here is Kim holding up her love bird tee (she brought her own blank tee) and it turned out lovely!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Mary's beautiful window and you can see the apron on the wire mannequin on the right.

We went to the boat on Sunday and if you look really closely, Buster's head if peeping out of the fly bridge. Cap'n washed the boat and I got a little bit of sun even though the wind made it a bit chilly.

The pups had a great time as usual and we had yummy cheesesteaks from Hinano (total dive bar at the end of Washington Blvd with saw dust on the floor).

I started and could not put down this great book, Me Vs. Me by Sarah Mlynowski . Such a fun little book about what if we didn't have to make a choice and could have the best of both worlds? Loved it and since I couldn't put it down, finished it this weekend. Very Sliding Doors-ish, which is a movie I love!!