sew much fun!

Had a great time at Scrapbook Oasis with my girls, Kris, Sally and new friend Leah! It was my first time to the store and my first official CROP. Mommy and I stayed from 10am til 2am!! I couldn't even believe it. HUGE Thanks to Karen and Wendy! Met so many wonderfully talented ladies and we did a fun little sample sale at 2pm. It was so fun and refreshing to see the shirts brightening peoples' faces the way my face lights up at the sight of new scrapbooking goodies! Very much looking forward to my class at the Oasis on June 15th. I was having such a great time that I didn't take many photos, but I thought I would share a couple weak shots- and a sampling of the pages I completed. Fun stuff.

Here's a snapshot of a shirt we did exclusively for 310 Rosemont in Roanoke, VA. The proceeds of the sale of this tee are going to the Virginia Tech Memorial Fund.

I also wanted to share a custom shirt that we did for Pitkin County Dry Goods in Aspen, CO that just shipped out last week. :)