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A while back I made a canvas with Emily and couldn't reveal it because I made it for my dad as a surprise, but I have already given it to him, so here it is!

So I was tagged by Suzi, but it appears that everyone I know in this blog world has already been tagged, so I will just reveal 7 quirky things about myself and if you, the lovely viewer, want to comment and do your own 7 quirky bits, please feel free.
1. My parents were both born in India and I am an only child and of course I am not spoiled. At all.
2. If I weren't designing t-shirts, I would probably want to be an esthetician so I can pick on peoples' faces. Sounds crazy but I enjoy picking.
3. I have TMJ, probably due to stress. I would like to get more massages so that the stress can be released. Or perhaps I should just not be so stressed.
4. Mommy wanted me to call her "Ma" when I was little, but I refused because "Ma" also means horse in Chinese and I really didn't want to call her that. Besides, I enjoy the fact that I am 28 and I still call her "mommy".
5. This is my favorite number.
6. I LOVE food but am also a creature of habit. I only like to try new restaurants on recommendations from people I totally trust. I like to stick to my steak quesadillas from Baja Fresh, my Burrito Bol with Barbacoa from Chipotle, the 99 cent Buffalo Snacker from KFC, chicken soft tacos from Del Taco, chili cheese fries from Tommy's, a Masala Dosa from Chutney's, and spicy tuna and crunchy rolls from Wabi-Sabi and Yuni Sushi! I also eat a lot of fast food, don't I? When asked what my favorite food is, I would have to say Nachos!
7. I am allergic to everything. Dust, pollen, mold, cats, dogs, grass, etc etc. Luckily I don't have any food allergies that I know of.