Tee-ching at Sweetpeas makes me happy

I taught my 2nd class at Sweetpeas and Snapshots today and had an absolute blast. What an incredible group of talented ladies. Mommy made her eggrolls, which were a total hit, and Mary and the crew had Hansen's Mandarin Lime drinks, juicy tangerines, and orange paper dots all over the tables. It was so adorable. Of course the cupcakes even had orange colored icing on them. Emily drew her own peace sign while her daughter, Ivy, made a flowery scrapbook page! Suzi's daughter, Allie (a regular in my class) decided she wanted to design her own purse tee! She recruited Adri and Izze to the class and they all did amazing. Creative geniuses of all ages- so inspiring! It seemed like everyone had a great time and and I am very much looking forward to teaching (and taking) my next class.